do a barrel roll in GOOGLE

LONDON: The expression " do a barrel roll" has become a trending topic on Twitter after internet users discovered a new feature on Google that makes the screen perform a 360-degree spin on typing the phrase into the search box.

According to the Telegraph, the same effect can be achieved by entering "Z or R twice" into the search bar.

It is the latest such gimmick to appear on Google, following a similar amusement in which users could adjust the angle of the screen by entering the word "tilt" as a search term.

The barrel roll game does not seem to function on all browsers but appears to work best using Firefox and Chrome.

The so-called Easter egg is a nod to Star Fox 64, the 1997 Nintendo game, in which a space pilot rabbit called Peppy tells character Fox McCloud to "do a barrel roll".

A Google spokesperson said the purpose of the new gimmick is mainly to entertain its users, adding that it will remain in place for a while.

"Today's fun query, 'do a barrel roll', was created by a Google software engineer with the primary goal of entertaining users, while showcasing the power of CSS3, a presentation feature of modern browsers," the spokesperson said.