China's Cave School

There’s no questioning China’s economic boom, but although more and more impressive buildings are being constructed every day, there are some areas that don’t even have a proper school.
Dongzhong (literally translated as “in cave”) is a elementary school located in Miao village, China’s Guizhou province. The strange thing about this learning institution is that it’s housed by a giant cave, carved inside a mountain over thousands of years, by wind, rain and earthquakes. There is a small structure put together by the locals, but children attend classes protected only by the cold walls of the cave.
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But sadly the school is now being closed after the Chinese Government announced that this school depicts the world that China is like Neanderthals
The novel plan to turn the cavern into an education establishment for the remote mountain community of Getu in Guizhou province came after local authorities refused funding. 
However, the ingenious plan was met with derision by Beijing - who ordered it to be shut down.
A government education spokesman said the 186-pupil school, which has its own classrooms and playground, had to close because 'China is not a society of cavemen'.
However, former headmaster Xi Lin Chun described the closure as 'a shame'.
'Even in the playground we didn't have to worry about the weather as it was always dry,' he said, while adding that the conditions even aided teaching. 
'The acoustics were great. We had the best choir in the area and there were also several rock strata visible on the walls which made teaching geology far more interesting.
'And we didn't need books for biology - we had bats and lizards in there all day.'

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