Hitler's Excitement "LOL"

After receiving their grade completion certificate, Adolf and a few friends decided to celebrate the occasion, as well as the beginning of the summer holidays.*  As he would later tell an acquaintance: "We went out on the sly to a country inn where we drank and had a high old time."* The party continued into the night. Adolf got so drunk he didn't remember anything till the next morning when he was awakened along the road from Steyr to Garsten by a milkmaid.*  He made his way to his rooming house and after he took a bath, Mrs. Cichini gave him a cup of coffee and asked if he received his Certificate. For the first time he realized it was missing. "Just what happened I didn't know," he would later remark, "I had to piece things together." He learned that he had torn his Certificate into four pieces and used it for toilet paper while he was drunk. "Heavens," he said to Mrs. Cichini, "I've got to have something to show to my mother!"*  Knowing that the passing Certificate would greatly please his mother, he returned to the school and attempted to obtain a duplicate. The principal of the school had been informed of the drinking and toilet paper incident and gave Adolf a sound scolding about his behavior which left him, as he put it: "humiliated."*  A duplicate Certificate was apparently not issued until the 16th of September. Adolf was so embarrassed that he swore to Mrs. Cichini that he would never drink again.*
  It is seldom in this world that a youth will carry through his pledges made at 16 years old, but it was the only time in Adolf Hitler's life he ever got drunk. If there was ever a drink in front of him in the future, it was just for social reasons or to show he was one of the boys, he seldom finished it.

Source : Hitler