Ice Age Flower Revived

Russian scientists have accomplished an extremely rare feat by reviving a 30,000 year old plant frozen in time from the Ice Age.

Russian scientists discovered a burrow, believed to be from an Ice Age squirrel. Inside the burrow was fruit and seed of a Silene stenophylla stuck in a Siberian permafrost. From the fruit tissues, the scientists were able to revive the plant in an experiment that could pave the way for revival of other species, reported TheAssociated Press.
"We consider it essential to continue permafrost studies in search of an ancient genetic pool, that of pre-existing life, which hypothetically has long since vanished from the earth's surface," the scientists said, according to their published findings in Tuesday's editions of "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."
Scientists are hopeful that this plant can lead to the regeneration of other plants and animals frozen in time. Scroll through the slide show to view photos of some other Ice Age discoveries.