Senseless Partition of India and Pakistan

Sad state of affairs.. Not only the land, offices, furnitures, but also the library books had to be divided between 2 nations during partition in 1947.. I remember reading in “Freedom at midnight” the division was so calculative and senseless that most of the tables sent across the countries did not accompany the chairs and some volumes of the books were not sent (making it an incomplete set) because they had to maintain the 4:1 ratio during division. Ridiculous!!
Apart from this calculative and senseless division, there were extremists demanding for the impossible i.e Some extremists from Pak wanted the Taj Mahal to be "disassembled" and sent over to Pak because it was built by Mughals and Indians wanted the course of the river Indus to be changed and redirected to India since the Vedas were written on banks of that river.. 

The whole process of asset division during partition was a big headache and the facial expression of the person in the photo clearly conveys it.

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