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Sir Vivian Richards

Sir Vivian Richards one of the greatest legend of all time has been in praise even after his retirement from the International Cricket games. he is one of the Windies Captain too and a handsome cricketer of his ages...

the above photo is the present day Sir Vivian richards :D and the following photos of memories the master blaster Sir Vivian Richards who plundered runs in the past and made the opposite teams to think what they were doin in the field... :D

Another Rare informaion about this Legend. he is the only player to attend Football and Cricket world cups alongside... hahaha....

He is such a great player who made the authorities of his country to keep his name to the cricket ground built in his home nation without making the authorioties to think for the names... below is the image of the ground in his name.

Even his nation released a stamp in the name of this legend with a portray of a king for his 50th birthday....

Surely he is legend na.... :)


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