Historic Moments collection one can never forget in life time

Sachin in total excitement after the win
the team poses with the cup
The Run that counted
Man Of the Series: Yuvaraj Singh

A true cricket fan... ooops... sorry...
the man in paint is the total  "DEITY OF GOD"
The dive that will never fade

India Won the World Cup Title after almost 28years which has been celebrated with a huge ceremony and  crackers almost the full saturday night which made it like the diwali.....
But one can never blame it on the people for celebrating this win as the diwali. Because this is like the LANKA WAR as in the epic - The Ramayana where After the VICTORY of Rama over Raavana, the whole army celebrated the Festival of Lights "DIWALI"...
Before the game started the fans in no vain matched this epic event with the saturday match and the Epic Just proved to be right.... India (Ram) won over Srilanka(raavanan)... Yet this is a History that will be never get faded in anyone's mind... BLEED BLUE