The War of Ramayan Returns

The Ramayan War which ended with the killing of Raavanan by Rama in the Holy battle and rescuing Sita from his custody and Retrieved Glory To The World. This is an EPIC which we know in the yesteryears' which was very much famous among the people of INDIA and SRI LANKA.
But now they are used as a metaphors for the Cricket World Cup Final 2011. some how here were also texts circulating around with the people about the probability of Indian team winning the Cup like the ones below...
A fan's portray of the finals between India and Srilanka in CWC 2010

The current Cricket World Cup situation between India vs Sri lanka as this...
India(Ram) marries the Cup(Sita) in 1983 and in 1996, Sri lanka(Raavan) took away Sita(Worl Cup). Now after the 14 yrs of Vanvaas, they meet again and you know the result :){best forward till date in this World Cup} Bleed Blue...

All the teams whose Captain's name starting with letter 'S' are out of world cup finals...
Strauss, Sammy, Smith, Shakib, Shahid... now guess who is next??? its Sangakara {no matter how phenomenal is it... /??? :)}

“M” is lucky for India -
…~ M for MS Dhoni
~ M for Mirpur….India beat Bangladesh…
~ M for M Chinnaswamy stadium..India beat Ireland
~ M for MA Chidambram stadium..India beat West Indies
~ M for Motera…..India beat Australia
~ M for Mohali…..India beat Pakistan.
Next stop.
~ M for Mumbai…..Go India beat Sri Lanka

1983 Calendar and 2011 calendar are same
So like 1983, can India win WC again :)

This is the Cup For which the teams have started their quest as like the Sam and his friends in the film "The Lord OF the Rings". Now the Last Round, the end of the Edition is being observed and very high heat and energy is getting radiated among the 121-crore fans of India and Srilanka. this is indeed the cup which almost every other team is looking forward and the Asian teams have entered the finals for a strong hold for the cup the two teams are in vain in terms of players weightage and their ability. lets take a look at their strength and weakness.....
Team India After Winning Asia Cup 2010.
The two team Captains with the Cup that triggered this Hunger for this quest.

Team India Planning and cheering themselves
The Similarity in the two teams is that the Captains are Wicket-keepers both themselves and skippers too at many difficult situations...

The trump Cards on Both Sides
Zaheer Khan - Team India: Dangerous at tracks which help in swings
Muralitharan-Srilanka: Potentialy dangerous Spin Wizard
Malinga: Mysterious pacer 
Mendis: Mysterious Spinner
Sachin: Hungry for his 100th century in his Career
Harbhajan singh: Spin Wizard of India
Sehwag: Pinch Hitting Batsman Of all FORMS of cricket
Yuvaraj Singh: Steady hitter 

No wonder that Fans Call this Battle as RETURN OF RAMAYAN WAR