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GNR Kumaravelan, the son of senior director GN Rangarajan, is directing his second film, Yuvan Yuvathi. He has chosen a feel good romantic-comedy subject. With the promotional videos and music, he has successfully evoked interest of the audience towards the Tamil film. Well, let us see what he and his team, which comprises of Bharath and Rima Kallingal, have to offer. Read on for Yuvan Yuvathi review.

Kathiresan (Bharath) is the son of self-important chesty villager Sevaka Pandian (Sampath Raj). The IT graduate is working in a leading software company. His wish is to settle down in the US. But his father does not like his son's changing attitude, as Kathir starts to project himself as an urban guy. To keep his son under his control, his father, who is against love and inter-caste wedding, fixes his marriage with a High Court judge's daughter. On the other end, Kathir falls in love with Nisha (Rima Kallingal), who accidentally meets her at the US Consulate. Their friendship starts with a fighting but Kathir ends up being in love.

They start bonding after Kathir helps Nisha to get her a fresh passport that she lost during their initial fight. Soon, both of them get visa but when they are all set for the journey, a shocking news hits Kathir badly. In fact, Nisha was going to her marriage in the US. But, a twist in the tale arrives, when his father misreads their friendship as love and kidnaps her before leaving abroad. However, he saves her but her wedding gets cancelled. Later, Kathir tries to persuade Nisha to love him but she leaves to Seychelles. After ten months, they came face to face again. What happens next should be seen on-screen

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