Sachin Tendulkar, Rajya Sabha MP - Manjrekar Shocked

Since some of Sachin Tendulkar fans always go over the top and call him God, we have to assume that Tendulkar tested Tendulkar ("I thought God was testing me") when he was not getting that 100th hundred.

He may have scored a ton of tons but politicians in this country have hit a bigger six by nominating him Rajya Sabha member. If you believe in political games, the immediate inference is: He won't be the first sportsperson to get the Bharat Ratna. That could be reserved for hockey magician Major Dhyan Chand. And it won't be surprising if the announcement is made around the London Olympic Games in July.

Though Tendulkar is the most popular spotsperson ever in India, the government clearly doesn't want to hurt the feeling of the oldies who feel Dhyan Chand is to hockey what Sir Donald Bradman to cricket. The government would like to keep both legions of fans happy.

Can Sachin be a 'decent' politician (the burden of expectations likely to be less)? His heart is in the right place considering his willingness to help society. His charity work is well known. But there is always a question mark about his man management skills and whether or not he can get his work done tactically.

It's futile to be critical and cynical about his elevation to parliament. Instead, let’s look at the lighter side of life. Picture MPs queuing up for his autograph when he visits the Rajya Sabha in his new capacity. Some match and/or memorabilia auction could be arranged and proceeds could go to a project for the underprivileged. Then, Balasaheb Thackarey would roar: "Why can't Tendulkar do charity from his own pocket?" you never know. Life is full of surprises. And let's hope that Tendulkar goes on to become one of the great MPs ever, silencing all the cicumspect and cynical.


PS: Wag said Tendulkar should have blackmailed Congress over RS seat. "Thank you. I don't have time. But if you appreciate me so much, I will nominate my person to the seat. And most definitely, I won't nominate be Anna Hazare!"