GOCE Satellite Debris Falls To Earth Near Falkland Islands

This image was captured by Bill Chater from the Falklands at 9:20 pm local time on November 11th. Bill explained that “driving southwards at dusk, it appeared with bright smoke trail and split in 2 before splitting again into more and going on north.”

This Is What a 2,000-Pound Satellite Falling to Earth Looks Like
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It doesn't look much from this distance, perhaps, but the satellite weighed in at 2,000 pounds before it re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. Now gone for good, GOCE spent four years mapping Earth’s gravity with unrivalled precision. So long, GOCE; you made some very pretty maps.

the pictures show - "in all likelihood" - the destructive end of its one-tonne probe
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Its exquisite maps of the subtle variations in gravity across the surface of the Earth will influence a diverse array of disciplines - from ocean and climate research to geology and civil engineering.
'Ferrari of Space' satellite caught on camera one last time as it plunges to earth
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