Next Steve Jobs is a girl from Mexico

Mexico has found a new heroine — a 12-year-old math whiz from a state plagued by drug violence who was dubbed “The Next Steve Jobs” by a US magazine.

Click here to view the Original Image Size The youngest of eight children from a modest family, Paloma Noyola was thrown under the media spotlight since Wired magazine featured the black-haired girl on its cover two weeks ago.

She has appeared in national newspapers and on cable news, redubbed “La Nina Jobs” — “The Jobs Girl” — with photographers and cameramen chasing the girl nicknamed after Apple’s late founder.

This week, she traveled from her hometown of Matamoros, in the northeastern state of Tamauli-pas, to the hustle and bustle of Mexico City for a mental math competition.
“I’m very happy. If you want it, you can do it,” said Noyola.

With so much attention on the girl, Tamaulipas state officials who flew in with her shielded Noyola from the press pack.

She sat alone at a large table and was whisked away after the contest org-anised by the Tecnologico de Monterrey university ended. But she did not win the contest.