Secure yourself with Strong passwords

Ever wondered what Strong password is? or how to develop/build a strong password.
Moreover, a strong passsword at the same time is tough to remember but at the same time secures yourself from Brute-force attacks making it difficult for brute-force applications to guess those passowrds.
It also helps yourself from Social Hijacking as well.

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So, what is Strong password ?
Those are the one which includes the following :
Uppercase Letters eg. A,B,C
Lowercase Letters eg. a,b,c
Numbers eg. 1,2,3
Special symbols eg. !,@,#
Un-expected combinations of those abhove.(making it difficult for intruder to guess the same and certainly fails to social hijacking)
Never use your mobile no, girlfriend's name, Vehicle no etc etc as these are the one you are most porne to.
A Demo Password and yet the Stronger one and the most easiest.
 password: 25,000 US Dollars

You can check the Strength of your passwords Here.
Believe me you will be safe than before.
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