Facts of a Country : New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few big cluster of islands in the world which did not break out of a bigger land mass or continent. It rose from the ocean. Now, because it was surrounded by water from all around there was no access for land animals to get there and get a piece of the action.

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Only a few birds flew over to this new land full of life. These birds had a really good time and as they did not find any predators on the ground, they gradually forgot about flying. They forgot about getting scared of anything. They were not being hunted or killed.
Population grew faster and faster, so they forgot about reproduction too. Let me put it this way - they forgot about sex!
Their ways to find each other and mate are extremely difficult and almost impossible.
There's this bird called kakapo which will stand still if you approach it. Pick it up and wear it as a hat. It just doesn't give a shit.
Explains the Kiwis.

Douglas Adams gave a brilliant lecture on this topic. Youtube link :.