The Real-Life Inspiration for the Saw franchise!

Louis Dethy was an engineer and very religious person who managed to father 14 children. In the 1980s, he cheated on his wife and she was unforgiving, divorcing him and moving all the children out. Over the next 20 years, Dethy apparently grew quite grim and never forgave his wife for divorcing him.

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Even Dethy's own mother became estranged to him, and in her will, she left his house to her granddaughter. Dethy then went into a major legal battle with his family that wanted nothing to do with him. It seemed like Dethy was losing the battle, and he set out on a mission for revenge. He rigged the entire house with 20 booby traps for the next owners of the house!

These booby traps were mostly concealed shotguns wired with fine nylon or fishing wire in places like cupboards, chests, cellar and even a case of beer, triggered when a certain amount of beers were taken!

It appears that he triggered one of his own booby traps and accidentally killed himself. It took military personel three weeks to disarm the remaining traps using his obscure clues, which are thought to have been used to remind himself of their location. Dethy was the only person harmed by the traps.