Facebook Gives More Control to Whatsapp Users

It’s being hardly few days that Facebook owns the most widely used mobile messenger Whatsapp. The deal of acquiring Whatsapp made headlines. Facebook paid 11% of its net worth to the founders and development team in terms of shares and cash. It is estimated that the social networking giant paid $3 for each users of Whatsapp, making the deal for $19 billion.

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Facebook always knows how to keep its users engaged and happy. As soon as Facebook purchase Whatsapp, a new version of it is released, as for now the update is only for Android and is available only on the official website of Whatsapp and not on Google Play.

As Facebook has given control to its social networking users, the same thing is implemented to the new release of Whatsapp. It added three main features to the new version. In the new version users can control their “Last Seen, Profile photo and Status visibility.” The new version for Android gives control to users to hide and show their Last Seen, Profile photo and Status. The options to control these three critical features are “Everyone, Contacts only and Nobody.” By default for all the options it is set to Everyone. This new feature will not only make it more useful but also more secure and private.
Whatsapp Privacy
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Whatsapp Lastseen
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Till date anyone having your contact number can get to know lot about you by just simply adding you contact number to their contact list. Anyone was able to view the Last seen, Profile picture and Status on any person using Whatsapp. By the new version it’s users can control their privacy to some extent.

This is just the start after Facebook acquired it, we hope new and useful features would come in the near future.

This feature is only for Android as of now, to get this update download/update Whatsapp directly from official website of Whatsapp (www.whatsapp.com)

You find the privacy settings under Settings > Account > Privacy then.