Adorable son

What an adorable son...

A son took his old father to  a  restaurant  for dinner.
Father being very old and shaky, while eating, dropped food on his shirt  and  trouser.  
Others were watching.
After he  finished eating,  his son who was  not  at  all embarrassed,
quietly took  him  to the  wash room, wiped the food particles, removed the stains, combed his hair and fitted  his specs firmly and cleaned up everything.

The whole crowd was watching  them quietly. The son settled the bill and they were slowly walking out.
At that point of time,
an old man amongst the diners
called the son and asked him whether he had left anything behind?

The son replied in the negative.

The old man said,
"you have left  a  good Impression"
…The place echoed with claps!