This is the story of I.S.I.S

1) It is one of the biggest examples of mass-brainwash because most of them do not even know how they have ended up there.

2) The belief is so much ingrained in certain societies that those parents are proud to see their grown-up children joining it.

3) The conditioning actually begins right from the moment the child is born. Parents decide that when the child grows up, he will eventually join it to bring them fame.

4) These people sacrifice their youthful days, they sacrifice sports, they sacrifice their freedom, slog upto 24 hours a day, because they think they can experience paradise later if they sacrifice everything now.

5) Although these people are treated like cattle, they think they are doing a noble job.

6) They think they are "changing the world", but little do they realize that America is actually using them for their own advantage.

Yes, they are I.S.I.S = Indian Software Industry Slaves

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