Pancha Buta Sthalas(courtesy google maps)

The five temples in the pic are Pancha Buta Sthalas(courtesy google maps), all of them built by people of highest spiritual accomplishment.
Not only is Kalahasti, Kanchipuram & Chidambram in a straight line and longitude but Kalahasti, Tiruvanaikoil and Tiruvannamalai are also on a straight line.
All 5 temples joined together form an isosceles triangle with the distance from Kalahasti to Tiruvanamalai equal to distance from Kalahasti to Chidambaram.
Tiruvanamalai dissects the distance between Kalahasti to Tiruvanaikoil. ie, it is in the exact middle of Kalahasti to Tiruvanaikoil.
Note that Kanchi Ekambareshwar temple is also one thirds distance between Kalahasti and Chidambaram.
Tradition says Seekers should visit these in natural order, ie, Earth,
Air and
Space - namely Kanchi,Tiruvanaikoil,Tiruvanamalai,Kalahasti and Chidambaram.
Interestingly, the most significant point of this triangle is the where most holy shrine of them all, Chidambaram, is constructed.
Drawing a line from this point connects temples in Kanchi & Kalahasti.
Drawing a line from here to Tiruvannamalai bisects the line between Kalahasti and Tiruvanaikoil!!!!!
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