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Tsunami Moments in Japan

It came amid news that it could take as much as five years for Japan rebuild from the devastation of the earthquake

The images were taken by environment researcher Sadatsugu Tomisawa in Fukushima Prefecture

Below the waves, you can see the wreckage of an uprooted truck destroyed by the earthquake minutes earlier.


Vodafone ZOO ZOOs new look

Cool and Creative ZooZoo Advertisement Campaign by Vodafone

ZooZoos are Ad characters promoted by Vodafone during the Indian Premier League Season 2 (IPL). Zoozoos are white creatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads who are used to promote various value added services of Vodafone. These ads though look animated are actually real humans in the Zoozoo costumes. The ads were created by Ogilvy & Mather, an agency that handles Vodafone advertisements and the films were shot by Bangalore based Nirvana Films in Cape Town, South Africa.


Guess Who Scored first Double Ton in ODI Cricket.... Well...!!! Its Not Sachin

Its not Sachin who registered the first double ton in ODI cricket. If its about records it was Australian cricketer Belinda Clark and not Tendulkar who made the first double hundred in an ODI

Belinda Clark, Aus---> 229* Vs Denmark in 1997
Sachin Tendulkar, India-----> 200* Vs South Africa in 2010



Explosion of Power plant Units in Fukushima, Japan

The above is the Map of Japan with cities marked having Nuclear power plants. the badly affected is the Fukushima I and Fukushima II
 The above is the Power Plant Units located in Fukushima. The Numbers are the plants numbered accordingly to the Units commisioned numbers
the above is the Unit-I after and before the explosion occured

explosion at power plant unit - I(Satellite image)

Nuke Power Plant Explosion #1:

Nuke Power Plant Explosion #2

Nuke Power Plant Explosion #3


Earth Quake in Japan Has Made Earth to Rotate Faster than Before

Friday's magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan was big enough to shorten the length of Earth's day by 1.8 millionths of a second, a NASA scientist has calculated.
Richard Gross of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory projected the change based on calculations of how the distribution of Earth's mass changed. Moving mass toward the north or south poles, and thus closer to Earth's axis of rotation, can make the planet spin faster in much the same way an ice skater can spin faster by bringing arms and legs closer toward the body.
Gross also calculated that Earth's figure axis shifted by about 17 centimeters, or 6.5 inches. The figure axis is the axis about which the Earth's mass is balanced, and moving it changes how Earth wobbles as it rotates. The north-south axis around which Earth rotates isn't changed by internal forces such as earthquakes, and it's about 10 meters, or 33 feet, away from the figure axis.
Gross' figures are preliminary and likely will change as new measurements emerge, NASA said.
Although it takes a big earthquake to make such changes to Earth's behavior--and last week's was the fifth largest since 1900--changing the planet's rotational speed actually happens constantly through less dramatic forces. Effects from the wind and ocean currents lengthen and shorten the length of the day by a full millisecond from one year to the next, an effect 550 times greater than the Japanese earthquake.


Nuclear Radiations Side-Effects :O

The effect of the radiation caused due to the nuclear reactions is explained in this video with a nice presentation. even a lay man can know the effects. know these facts and inform your friends to be safe with their families.



Japan Uses its Technology For Its Rescue Mission

quince japan earthquake rescue robot
Japan's earthquake will be a major test for search-and-rescue robots like Quince, developed by Chiba Institute of Technology roboticists, shown here during a demonstration.
Japan's leading experts in rescue robotics are deploying wheeled and snake-like robots to assist emergency responders in the search for survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country last Friday.

Details are still scarce, but I've gotten word that at least two teams plan to use their search and rescue robots, one team in Tokyo and another in or around Sendai, the city that suffered the most damage in the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami. I'm waiting confirmation about a third team, also in Tokyo. (There is no information about the presence of robots at Japan's troubled Fukushima nuclear power plants, though that would be an ideal application for teleoperated repair and inspection robots.)
Dr. Robin Murphy, director of the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) at Texas A&M University, in College Station, and one of the world's top experts in rescue robotics, confirms that a team led by Satoshi Tadokoro from Tohoku University and a team led by Eiji Koyanagi from Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Technology Center, have deployed, or are about to deploy, their robots.
She reports that Dr. Tadokoro is "en route" to Sendai, where he lives, with the Active Scope Camera, a remote operated 8-meter-long snake-like robot that carries a scope camera and can slither through small spaces. According to Dr. Murphy, it's "possibly the most capable robot for tight spaces." At the same time, Dr. Koyanagi will use an agile robot with tank-like tracks called Quince, capable of driving over rubble and climbing stairs, around his home area in Tokyo.
Dr. Murphy, an IEEE Fellow whose team has taken robots to disaster sites like the World Trade Center after the September 11, 2001 attacks and New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, tells me that robots have been used in at least one previous earthquake, the 2010 Haiti disaster. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, she says, used a Seabotix underwater remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, to investigate bridge and seawall damage as part of the U.S. assistance to the Haitian government.
For a disaster like the Japan quake, she says several types of robots could prove useful, including:
• small unmanned aerial vehicles like robotic helicopters and quadrotors for inspection of upper levels of buildings and lower altitude checks;
• snake robots capable of entering collapsed buildings and slithering through rubble;
• small underwater ROVs for bridge inspection and underwater recovery;
• tether-based unmanned ground vehicles like sensor-packed wheeled robots that operators can drive remotely to search for survivors.
As it happened, Japan's leading rescue robotics experts, a cadre led by Dr. Tadakoro, who heads the International Rescue Systems Institute, were actually in the United States when the earthquake hit! The 21 faculty and students and their rescue robots were in Texas participating in an exercise and workshop that CRASAR organized. The group headed back to Japan on Friday as soon as they heard the news.
Dr. Murphy, who leads the volunteer search-and-rescue robotics group Roboticists Without Borders, part of CRASAR, says the Japanese welcomed her group's assistance; she's now on standby awaiting for a formal request. CRASAR's robotic arsenal includes the AirRobot and iSensys helicopters, a VideoRay ROV for underwater inspection, a AEOS water vehicle with a sonar suited for bridge inspection, and several ground robots like the Inuktun VGTV, a tracked vehicle that can change its shape.
Active Scope Camera japan earthquake robotLike most search and rescue robots, the systems the Japanese are deploying are designed to go where humans can't easily reach. According to a 2007 paper, the Active Scope Camera is a snake-type of robot whose body is covered by "cilia," small filaments that vibrate, allowing the robot to crawl at a speed of 4.7 centimeters per second, climb over obstacles, follow walls, and make turns in tight spaces.
Quince is a mobile robot equipped with four sets of tracked wheels, some of which can move up and down to allow the robot to negotiate obstacles. It carries cameras as well as infrared and carbon-dioxide sensors for detecting the presence of survivors trapped under rubble.
Our thoughts go to the Japanese people affected by this tragedy. We hope emergency personnel can locate all survivors as fast as possible -- and if robots can help, great.



Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power PLant Explosion

This is one of the raw video footage of nuclear power plant explosion of the Fukushima in Japan due to the tsunami. The Aftermath effects of this explosion is believed to induce radiation hazards in its surroundings.


Japan Earthquake: Tsunami Hits After 8.9 Quake

Below is the satellite photo showing warnings to the countries for further tsunami trigger....


Power oF "Padmasana"

The Techniques for Padmasana:

1. One must sit down with both the legs straight and keep the spinal cord straight.

2.Then slowly bend the right leg and place the right foot on the top of the left thigh, the sole facing upwards and the heel close to the pubic bone.

3. Then fold left leg and place the left foot on top of the right thigh. In this position the both the knees should touch the ground.The head and spinal cord should keep straight position.
4. Keep the elbows slightly bend and place the wrist of the both the hands on the respective knees and palms facing the sky.
5.Mudra facing the sky by joining the index fingers with thumb forming a small circle, called Dyana Mudra.


  • It stimulates the pelvis, Spine, Abdomen, and Bladder,
  • It stretches the ankle's and Knees,
  • Removes muscular tensions,
  • Improves digestion,
  • Activate mooladhara chakra,
  • Calming the mind,
  • Eases menstrual discomfort for ladies.
Most Importantly: Increases your Concentartion power, if followed daily morning for half an hour

CAUTION: Must excrete your wastes before asana is done  


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkars ODI Centuries Count Down(click here to see table)


ist of ODI centuries

1110 Australia2184.61R. Premadasa Stadium, ColomboNeutral01994-09-09 September 9, 1994Won
2115 New Zealand2284.55IPCL Sports Complex Ground, VadodaraHome01994-10-28 October 28, 1994Won
3105 West Indies2178.35Sawai Mansingh Stadium, JaipurHome01994-11-11 November 11, 1994Won
4112* Sri Lanka22104.67Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, SharjahNeutral01995-04-09 April 9, 1995Won
5127* Kenya2292.02Barabati Stadium, CuttackHome01996-02-18 February 18, 1996Won
6137 Sri Lanka21100.00Feroz Shah Kotla, New DelhiHome01996-03-02 March 2, 1996Lost
7100 Pakistan2190.09Padang, SingaporeNeutral01996-04-05 April 5, 1996Lost
8118 Pakistan2184.28Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (2), SharjahNeutral01996-04-15 April 15, 1996Won
9110♠ Sri Lanka2179.71R. Premadasa Stadium (2), ColomboAway01996-08-28 August 28, 1996Lost
10114♠ South Africa1190.47Wankhede Stadium, MumbaiHome01996-12-14 December 14, 1996Won
11104♠ Zimbabwe11107.21Willowmoore Park, BenoniNeutral01997-02-09 February 9, 1997Won
12117♠ New Zealand2285.40M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, BangaloreHome01997-05-14 May 14, 1997Won
13100 Australia22112.35Green Park Stadium, KanpurHome01998-04-07 April 7, 1998Won
14143 Australia22109.16Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (3), SharjahNeutral01998-04-22 April 22, 1998Lost
15134 Australia22102.29Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (4), SharjahNeutral01998-04-24 April 24, 1998Won
16100* Kenya2297.08Eden Gardens, KolkataHome01998-05-31 May 31, 1998Won
17128 Sri Lanka2197.70R. Premadasa Stadium (3), ColomboAway01998-07-07 July 7, 1998Won
18127* Zimbabwe2297.69Queens Sports Club, BulawayoAway01998-09-26 September 26, 1998Won
19141 Australia21110.15Bangabandhu Stadium, DhakaNeutral01998-10-28 October 28, 1998Won
20118* Zimbabwe22105.35Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (5), SharjahNeutral01998-11-08 November 8, 1998Won
21124* Zimbabwe22134.78Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (6), SharjahNeutral01998-11-13 November 13, 1998Won
22140* Kenya41138.61County Ground, BristolNeutral01999-05-23 May 23, 1999Won
23120♠ Sri Lanka1185.10Sinhalese Sports Club, ColomboAway01999-08-29 August 29, 1999Won
24186*♠ New Zealand21124.00Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, HyderabadHome01999-11-08 November 8, 1999Won
25122 South Africa2288.40IPCL Sports Complex Ground (2), VadodaraHome02000-03-17 March 17, 2000Won
26101 Sri Lanka2172.14Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium (7), SharjahNeutral02000-10-20 October 20, 2000Lost
27146 Zimbabwe2195.42Barkatullah Khan Stadium, JodhpurHome02000-12-08 December 8, 2000Lost
28139 Australia21111.20Nehru Stadium, IndoreHome02001-03-31 March 31, 2001Won
29122* West Indies2293.12Harare Sports Club, HarareNeutral02001-07-04 July 4, 2001Won
30101 South Africa2178.29New Wanderers Stadium, JohannesburgAway02001-10-05 October 5, 2001Lost
31146 Kenya21110.60Boland Park, PaarlNeutral02001-10-24 October 24, 2001Won
32105* England4197.22Riverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetAway02002-07-04 July 4, 2002N/R
33113 Sri Lanka41110.78County Ground (2), BristolNeutral02002-07-11 July 11, 2002Won
34152 Namibia21100.66City Oval, PietermaritzburgNeutral02003-02-23 February 23, 2003Won
35100 Australia2184.03Roop Singh Stadium, GwaliorHome02003-10-26 October 26, 2003Won
36102 New Zealand21112.08Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium (2), HyderabadHome02003-11-15 November 15, 2003Won
37141 Pakistan22104.44Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, RawalpindiAway02004-03-16 March 16, 2004Lost
38123 Pakistan2194.61Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, AhmedabadHome02005-04-12 April 12, 2005Lost
39100 Pakistan2188.49Arbab Niaz Stadium, PeshawarAway02006-02-06 February 6, 2006Lost
40141* West Indies2195.27Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala LumpurNeutral02006-09-14 September 14, 2006Lost
41100* West Indies41131.57IPCL Sports Complex Ground (3), VadodaraHome02007-01-31 January 31, 2007Won
42117* Australia1297.5Sydney Cricket Ground, SydneyAway02008-03-02 March 2, 2008Won
43163* New Zealand21122.55AMI Stadium, ChristchurchAway02009-03-08 March 8, 2009Won
44138 Sri Lanka11103.76R. Premadasa Stadium (4), ColomboAway02009-09-14 September 14, 2009Won
45175 Australia22124.11Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, HyderabadHome02009-11-05 November 5, 2009Lost
46200* South Africa21136.05Roop Singh Stadium (2), GwaliorHome02010-02-24 February 24, 2010Won
47120 England21104.35M. Chinnaswamy Stadium (2), BangaloreHome02011-02-27 February 27, 2011Tied


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